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Anonymous asked: how do you make your cc? ive been trying to figure out how to make cc forever

Making rugs and paintings aren’t difficult.  All you need is TSRW, an editing program like ps and some textures.  I can put up a tutorial for it over the weekend, if you’d like.  As far as retexturing pillows and blankets and stuff, that is a little more difficult, but not much.  I learned how to do a long time ago so I’m pretty rusty at it.  It’s definitely not a tutorial  I would feel comfortable making.  But I’m sure there are tutorials out there. 

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Anonymous asked: tbh, your simblr is so good you don't even need to give us follower gifts. like ever. i'd still follow you to the ends of the earth lol :)

whoa…that is like one of the best things anyone has said to me.  Truly :) Whoever you are, anon, I ♥ you.  And you seriously are da best evah!!!! 

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OMG! You are spoiling me, I tell ya!

awww…well I luvs to spoil <3

I’m so in love with all the CC you make haha!!

wow thanks!!  Pretty much love all your cc too XD

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Follower Gifts Part 3 - Various Painting by Daturaobscura

Here is the last of my gifts.  For now :)  With this set you get:

  • 8 vertical leaning prints
  • 8 vertical posters
  • 6 square prints
  • 6 photos on a line
  • 18 small square posters

Square prints: mesh by Indigo. Vertical wall art: original mesh by Leehee444, converted by Bluehoppersimming.  Vertical leaning prints: mesh by Ambrosia. Photos on a line: Original mesh by Beosboxboy, converted by Camille. Small square posters: original mesh by Billyjean, converted by Moi. Art credits: Dawn Gardner, Budi Satria Kwan, Bianca Green. Matthew Taylor Wilson, Georgiana Paraschiv, Tracie Andrews,Jacqueline Maldonado.  Various other art found on Pinterest, Etsy.



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hhoxton asked: hello!! WCIf the polaroid camera on the desk in post/93038342758/ ? :)

It’s by Ritsuka.  Unfortunately this download is not available on his blog.  The only way I know that you can get it is by downloading his Giant Panda lot  (I think that’s the name???) over at simscave. Or you could ask him directly :)


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Follower’s Gift Part 2 by Daturaobscura

I’ve got a bunch of stuff for you guys today.  With this gift you get:

  • 15 2x3 Madeline Weinrub rugs
  • 12 city maps
  • 8 books on a shelf
  • 8 collage posters
  • 17 small clip painting w/ 1 CAStable pring

Credit goes to cc creators. Rug mesh is by b5Studio.  Small clip painting and city poster original mesh by Billyjean@BPS, conveted by Moi.  Poster collage mesh by Geldyh. Book shelf mesh by Billyjean@BPS, converted by Butterfly. Art found on Pinterest, Society 6, other credits: Madeline Weinrub, Blueberry Jazz, Terry Fan, Cat Coquillette, Wesley Bird, Nan Lawson, Budi Satria Kwan.


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WIP. A house I built several months ago but lost interest in before I could decorate. I wanted it to make it all bright and colorful and cute.  Obviously, that didn’t happen. 

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Followers Gift Part 1: Eclectic Mish Mash - Wall Art and Rugs

Hey peeps!  My blog recently turned a year old so in celebration I made some stuffs for all of my wonderful followers. I am a big fan of eclectic decor and realized I don’t have enough of it in my game.  So I made some and decided to share.  You get:

  • 12 wall prints
  • 12 2x3 rugs

Wall art original mesh is by LeeHee4444 and converted by BlueHopperSimming.  Rug mesh is by b5Studio.  Patterns are from various places around the webz, Pinterest, Society 6, Etsy.

This is my first time making any sort of cc for upload.  If you have any problems, let me know.  Part 2 gift coming soon…



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Replies…and some really late replies. Because imma soooo lazy!

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Today’s Throwback Thursday Theme:  how much clutter can you stuff into an 8x8 box. ugh.

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