Hi. My name is Heather. I've been playing the Sims since its inception. 14 years later I'm still at it. I play both Sims 2 and Sims 3, but Sims 2 has always been my favorite. While I occasionally do play the game, I usually spend my time decorating and building homes for sims I will never move in. This simblr is dedicated (mostly) to my interiors as well as the occasional reblog I find simspirational. I welcome any and all WCIFs and will do my best to answer them. Thanks for stopping by!


This is for the anonymous poster who asked what worlds I play when building/decorating (I accidentally deleted your message as I was about to post my answer.)  Mostly I stick to small, unpopulated worlds so I don’t have to wait 23902517 hours for my game to load. I’ve tried dozens of small worlds but my favorites are Ensamma ljusets ö, Makuleto Island, Brightpoint. Right now I’m building a beach house in Duneoog . Another favorite is Pounawea.  It’s bigger but so damn beautiful!

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domicileandmore replied to your photoset
how lovely,♥

Thank you, Chris.  But certainly not as half as lovely as your interiors :)

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Anonymous asked: will you be putting the house your decorating now up for download? :) it looks amazing so far!

Thank you!  The house was never meant to be available for download since I made it only for decorating/inspirational purposes.  But I’ve had several requests now for an upload, so I will definitely consider it :)

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Anonymous asked: WCIF the books on the floor (beside the white cat painting) used in your gorgeous house boat pictures from March 28th? Are they a recolor?

The books can be found here.  I did not recast them.

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Still decorating this house.  I changed the living room up a bit because I really did not like the colors.  Moving on to the bedroom next.

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Anonymous asked: will you upload that new house when youre done with it? :D

I will certainly consider it, anon.

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Decorating this house.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, can I ask you what PSD do you use to make such wonderful effects? (:

Hi anon!  I do not use any .PSDs.  Simply because I don’t want all my photos to look alike. My technique varies from photo to photo.  It all depends upon the effect I’m going for. But in general I use layers, Topaz, several different blending modes, lighting effects and photo filters. Of course it takes longer this way but by playing around with different effects and such, I learn me some new skillz :)

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