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Fàilte! This blog is exclusively dedicated to my interior designs and builds. Feel free to ask any questions or say hello. WCIFs are always welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

Replies…and some really late replies. Because imma soooo lazy!

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Today’s Throwback Thursday Theme:  how much clutter can you stuff into an 8x8 box. ugh.

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Daturaobscura turned 1 today!

Well this is news to me.  Why did it take me six months before posting anything???  Now all I need is some chocolate and some wine. 

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My newest build.  In Strangetown.

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corsegtsims asked: Wcif the cc on the bed, shelf above the bed, and next to the bed from post 90711181877? Thanks :)


  1. Wondymoon
  2. pond01 (all bedstuffs)
  3. Jun
  4. Camille
  5. Jindann
  6. Nanu
  7. Riccinumbers
  8. Moddish Kitten
  9. MarcusSims91
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I promise this is the last old ts2 pictures I will spam today.  I really want to play ts2 but I just downloaded the ultimate collection and with 10+ gb of cc, I just can’t wait 28645528 hours for it to load :/

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this reminds me of my sims 2 soul food diner. yours is just A LOT cleaner. i even see my recolor of rebecca’s pay phone…

OMG!!!!!  I had no idea you were the creator of Jay’s!!!!! Lolololol.  I downloaded that lot specifically to get stuff for this diner.  I think I still have the Jay’s wallpaper. But I really like your diner.  I’ve always preferred the more grungy look.

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S’more ancient TS2 photos.  From an old BPS contest years ago.

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Followers Gift: Fairlie Residence by Daturaobscura

Lot Info:

  • 15x10 lot
  • Furnished: §32,452
  • Unfurnished (minimal cc): §12,899
  • 1 bedroom/1 bath
  • Built in Brightpoint


  • Uni, IP, Showtime, Supernatural
  • Aurora Skies for bathroom wall pattern

In the .rar folder there are some .package files you will need to place in your mods folder. House is packaged as  .sims3pack.  Also included is a Please Read.txt with additional info on the lot as well as my TOU.

Many many thanks and credit to all the wonderful creators for their lovely CC!!

Thank you to all my followers!  Enjoy!